Why local

We all have different reasons for wanting to buy and consume food produced locally.  Some of the reasons our members choose to buy local are

  • Sustainability
  • Reliability
  • Community
  • Freshness

How local is local?

Ideally we would be surrounded by local farms and producers making their produce available to the Redhill and Reigate community.  In the long term that is something we can aim for but in the short term we have to go a little further to find the food our members want.  We do not have a definition of local or a maximum distance we will travel.  Our members decide what is local by voting with their purchases.

Food from further afield

Generally we try to source fresh foods locally but other cupboard staples are not produced near by.  To support our local purchases we also bulk buy from Infinity Foods, which offers a massive range of organic produce.

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